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Femme Lead x MONTA present a new upcoming event:

Building Successful Start-Up Careers in Denmark









Join us for an evening of inspiration and networking at "Charting Your Course: Building Successful Start-up Careers in Denmark", an event hosted by Femme Lead in partnership with Monta! 🚀

For details and registration, please check the dedicated page of the event.

We host networking events for our Copenhagen-based community several times a year with independent speakers who are real-life experts on how to do life as a career woman because they are driven career women themselves.


Phaedria Marie St. Hilaire, Founder & President of Professional Women of Colour Denmark about the AWS Nordics & Femme Lead event:

"It has been a pleasure working with Femme Lead. The event was very professionally organized, the preparation timely, and the support, especially for social media promotion was awesome."

The Femme Lead team also hosts sponsored events with our corporate partners, who wish to shine a light on current trends and tendencies in the workplace and DE&I strategy and implementation. Get in touch to set the agenda and meet the community in an intimate setting.

Anamaria Todor, Amazon Web Services:

"I want to personally thank Alexandra and the whole Femme Lead team for the incredible job they did in organizing the recent "The role of DEI in Recruitment" event in collaboration with AWS. The turnout was impressive and it was evident that the participants found the event both informative and inspiring.


Your dedication to bringing together industry leaders and to building communities to empower career-minded women is truly remarkable. Keep up the fantastic work and I hope to have the chance of collaborating with you on many more events in the future."

Welcome to our community events!

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