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Latest Update

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Social Media Event Associate

Event Associate

Join us as a Volunteer Social Media Event Assistant and help bring our vision to life and support the creative process around advertising our events.

As a Social Media Event Assistant, you will be expected to have full autonomy and independence to share and create designs to promote the events and our activities. 

Join us as a Volunteer Event Associate and immerse yourself in the heart of planning and executing impactful events that cause positive change.


Collaborate with inspiring individuals, create experiences, and turn concepts into reality. If you're fueled by passion and a desire to make a difference, this role is for you.

Hi! I'm Alexandra

I started Femme Lead Podcast from my mission to inspire the next generation of women leaders. I began interviewing role models from communities around the world and sharing inspiring stories about career paths and pieces of advice that pass the test of time and, most importantly, can occur to anyone in the span of their career. 

Each episode focuses on a different topic in various fields of work. We usually follow three chapters: upbring & education, career path, and lastly, advice. 

My guests have extensive knowledge of the subject they present or have had an impressive journey into entrepreneurship and leadership.  

My goal is to inspire the listeners to take charge of their own lives and make choices from a place of love rather than fear. 

I hope you will enjoy listening to each episode as much as I enjoy working on this project!

Sending good vibes,


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About us

Femme Lead is an organization that supports women in pursuing their professional dreams. We are a community developed in Copenhagen, Denmark, and expanding worldwide through podcast episodes and events to help career-minded women learn and build to a successful career.

Meet The Team
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Bianca Toma


Nadia Kuzmina


Adriana Lifa


Zayana Pompaeva


Ramona Anamaria Hategan
(Social Media)


Anett Hegedus


Nurdamla Van Leeuwen
(Social Media)


Georgiana Arsinel

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