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Past Events

Here you will find information about the inspiring events that we have hosted so far.
Feel free to explore this page if you would like to learn more about our organization and if you are considering attending one of our future events.
There is so much more to come! 🔥
Femme Lead and Monta

Femme Lead x MONTA:
Building Successful Start-Up Careers in Denmark

  🚀We smashed it! Another sold-out event by Femme Lead Podcast hosted by Monta.

Thank you to a fantastic team, a great partner for the event, and our fantastic attendees who continuously champion our mission and dive headfirst into networking opportunities!

On March 13th 2024 we hosted another evening of inspiration and networking at "Charting Your Course: Building Successful Start-up Careers in Denmark”!🚀

The particpants had the chance to discover the secrets to becoming a start-up founder, raising capital, or excelling in the Danish start-up scene, to engage in a dynamic panel discussion featuring industry experts and seize the opportunity to expand your network during our networking session.

Thanks to Casper H Rasmussen, CEO of Monta for sharing the captivating origin story of Monta - born from real-life frustration, transformed into innovation. He and his co-founder bought a few charge points and reverse-engineered them, quickly understanding that UX and process improvement are not an isolated problem.

This time around, our founder Alexandra Ciobotaru also joined the panel with Sara Sande, Charlotte Searle, moderated by the awesome Violeta Todorova, Chief off Staff at Monta where we discussed start-up careers, investments and sustainability and how to tackle a career plan in fast-growing companies.
Leading with Purpose

Femme Lead Podcast 
An Evening with Anja Monrad: Leading with Purpose

On November 21st 2023 we hosted an exclusive and intimate event at Matrikel 1 in Copenhagen. The event featured Anja Monrad, one of Denmark's most esteemed professional and board members. Anja's remarkable career spans over 30 years, marked by her commitment to leadership excellence and the creation of lasting impact in organizations worldwide, including over 23 years at Dell and more than a dozen board roles throughout her extensive career.

In this special edition of Femme Lead meet-up events, we went deep into the insights and experiences that have defined Anja's path and the participants had the chance to ask Anja questions about career progression, becoming a manager and what advice she has for the next generation of leaders.

Anja Monrad's journey is a testament to her remarkable capabilities and her passion for people and results. Her leadership has consistently driven top-line growth, increased efficiency, and scaled operations, all while steering organizations through strategic and transformational change.

Anja is renowned as an inspirational leader, a powerful communicator and a dedicated cultivator of talent. Her approach emphasizes cultural awareness and empathy, ensuring that her leadership style resonates with her teams and drives significant business results.

It was a unique opportunity to hear from Anja Monrad as she shared her insights on leadership, organizational excellence and her journey to the top.

Thank you to all of you who participated!


Femme Lead Networking Session
Money Fundamentals
September 2023

Money Fundamentals
On September 21st 2023, 50 participants joined our latest workshop, this time on the topic of money fundamentals, an especially valuable topic, given the current economic environment.

The event was hosted at Matrikel1, where our guests had the opportunity to gain valuable insights about wealth management and budgeting on their way to reaching their financial goals🎯

Rares Bagyo, former investment banker & budgeting expert, shared his best tips on how to change the mindset towards reaching financial goals, building wealth while enjoying our money, and to invest more and save less.

What have the participants learned?

🔑Develop a growth mindset - an important factor when it comes to budgeting and directly connected to our goals, priorities, and discipline.

🔑Saving money is not enough - apart from maintaining a 3 months' worth of savings, it is also crucial to consider low-risk investments and to explore medium to higher-risk investments for long-term growth.

🔑Key questions to ask yourself: 
- Where am I stuck?
- What are my need to haves and my nice to haves?
- How should my life/wealth look like 3 years from now?

The informative session was followed by a dynamic Q&A and a networking session, where the participants could meet and chat with people that are on the same journey as them!

Did you miss this event? Then subscribe to our Newsletter and stay tuned for so much more to come in the future! 🔥


Femme Lead Networking Event
Belonging at Work
March 2023

Belonging at Work
Still buzzing from our Femme Lead networking event in Copenhagen!
✨ Almost 50 people joined us to discuss authenticity and belonging at work.

Kathy Borys Siddiqui was our speaker extraordinaire and for one hour we deep dive into intercultural identity and awareness, belonging and how we can be authentic at work. 🔥

👉 The biggest take away was that authenticity is rooted in self-awareness and confidence. If you don’t know yourself, do not set boundaries and do not practice self-inquiry, it will be hard, if not impossible, to show up authentically for yourself and to others.

At Femme Lead, we create a safe space to discuss career related topics that expand from more tactical points to personal and professional fulfilment at work.

🚀Huge thanks to everyone who joined us and to our partner Matrikel 1!😍


Accenture IWD Fair x Femme Lead
March 2023

Accenture IWD x Femme Lead
In 2023 the Femme Lead team participated in several exciting IWD events in Copenhagen, one of them being the Accenture Nordics’ IWD Fair at their HQ in Carlsbergbyen, Copenhagen. The Accenture IWD Fair was organized by Accenture’s ‘Female Leaders of Tomorrow’ (FLOT) team.
Speakers included Managing Director Jakob Kaad, Nordic People Experience & Leadership Development Lead Liv Okkels, Country HR Lead Denmark Marianne Fischer-Rasmussen from the Accenture team, and Nana Bule previous CEO of Microsoft Denmark, now Operating Advisor to Goldman Sachs and one of the first women in a c-suite position in Denmark.

One thing which was emphasized by all speakers at the IWD Fair was that DE&I change is a big undertaking and something we need to work together to progress. No one can score that goal alone; we need to assist each other and work together as a team.
To you, dear members of the Femme Lead Community, however, it is uplifting to know that the larger players on the field are aligned with our values: we are not on our own in this fight.
As well as inspiring words of encouragement Nana Bule shared a tragicomical statistic: in Denmark, more CEOs are named Lars than there are women CEOs. This seems like a remnant from a past that many of us, modern millennials and Gen-z’s don’t want to live in anymore, and the ball is in our court to shape a future we want to leave to those who will follow us.
Marianne Fischer-Rasmussen shared some of the statistics from Accenture’s DE&I recruitment efforts to even out the playing field and create a truly diverse team. Something that really stuck with me was a Verna Myers quote:
“Diversity is being invited to the party and inclusion is being asked to dance”.
We need to make sure that we make minorities feel welcome to join the actual activities, not just feel like token bystanders there to meet a quota.
During her talk, Nana Bule showed this video which highlights and ridicules the gender pay gap problem: it is simple enough that kids know that it is not fair but somehow still very difficult to make an end to. I think we all need to ask ourselves why that is and how we can combat this on a personal and larger scale. If we’re not actively working to end the gender pay gap, we are silently allowing the status quo to continue.
Femme Lead was invited as a partner to share our mission and vision and work with female role model visibility as well as what value we want to create for the community. We were joined on stage by other local organizations: Female Leadership Academy, Professional Women of Colour, WonderCoders, and Seed Network.
To conclude the IWD Fair, we took part in a networking session where we got to meet members of the Accenture team and get to know the other partner organizations better. Even though we still have work to do to break through the glass ceiling it is always inspiring to get together with like-minded organizations and discuss the kind of change we want to see and make. Check out the video below to see the event highlights!
Let's continue to expand the guest list and invite more people to the party (because the more the merrier) and remember to ask newcomers to join in the dancing!

AWS Nordics x Femme Lead
The Role of DEI in Recruitment
January 2023

DEI in Recruitment
Back in January 2023, we had a full house at our event ‘The role of DEI in recruitment’ in collaboration with Amazon Web Services(AWS) in the NordicsProWoc - Professional Women of Colour Denmark, and SPACES. 💪🏾 

Our speakers Nathalie Håkenstad & Phaedria Marie St. Hilaire shared their thoughts on the definition of diversity, intersectionality, bias, and how you can implement a DEI strategy in an organization. 🚀
Among the key points, we’ve heard that:

💡 Having buy-in from the leadership to promote the DEI strategy is key;

💡 Showing numbers and data can help build the mandate for more DEI initiatives across organizations;"

💡 The ROI on hiring someone is 2 years on average. Without a sense of belonging, you might lose employees who feel that they do not belong;

💡 Be open to different experiences and be curious to understand how others experience their journey in your organization;

💡 Understand which battles to pick and that not everyone wants to be educated on diversity, inclusion, equity, and belonging;

💡 Be an active ally, speak up when things do not seem right;

💡 Find a supportive group inside or outside of the organization, no one can do everything alone and you shouldn’t feel like you have the responsibility to fight for an underrepresented group alone;

💡 Consider a privilege walk or even better a privilege for sale game;

💡 The difference between representation and tokenism is that putting in only symbolic effort won’t last long as an argument within the organization and eventually it will be called out by the team.

Thank you to all of our 70 guests for joining! 🙏

Nathalie Håkenstad,Enterprise Account Manager at AWS:
"It was an honor and pleasure working with Femme Lead for this amazing event. Very well organized, with amazing audience gathering, and a good focus on preparation forehand."

Phaedria Marie St. Hilaire,Founder & President of Professional Women of Colour Denmark:
"It has been a pleasure working with Femme Lead. The event was very professionally organized, the preparation timely, and the support, especially for social media promotion was awesome."

Anamaria Todor,Amazon Web Services:
"I want to personally thank Alexandra and the whole Femme Lead team for the incredible job they did in organizing the recent "The role of DEI in Recruitment" event in collaboration with AWS. The turnout was impressive and it was evident that the participants found the event both informative and inspiring. Your dedication to bringing together industry leaders and to building communities to empower career-minded women is truly remarkable. Keep up the fantastic work and I hope to have the chance of collaborating with you on many more events in the future."

Thank you to all who joined us! 🙏

Femme Lead Networking Event
Career Progression with Christina Bizoumi
October 2022

Career Progression
Femme Lead hosted a new exciting event, a networking session in Copenhagen. 🔥 We discussed career progression with Christina Bizoumi, Director of Product Management for IKEA Marketing and Communications! 

On Tuesday, October 18th, 2022 starting at 18:00 Christina Bizoumi, Director of Product Management for IKEA Marketing and Communications, shared with us her advice on how to approach finding your next career step. Matrikel1 Cafe was our partner for this event.

More about Christina Bizoumi Christina is passionate about leading people and driving strategies to create meaningful digital experiences for the many. She is an energetic leader that uses her positive energy to bring people together, inspire change, and coach individuals to unlock their potential.

Christina has a growth mindset and is always looking to learn and develop. She is inspired by women that shape their own paths and wishes to engage more women to become leaders, shaping a more diverse & inclusive future. 

Christina has recently transitioned into a product leadership role, spearheading the development of impactful digital content for all IKEA channels. In her role today she is defining and driving product strategy across several teams and leading Product Managers, with the purpose to drive business growth and create an environment where people can learn and grow. 

Christina spent the past half year reflecting on her journey and planning her next step.

She really valued the mentoring and support she received during that process and wanted to share some of the best insights she gained with the Femme Lead community, to help other women create their paths.

Thank you to everyone who joined us at this inspiring event! 🙏

Femme Lead Events
Career Breakthrough Conference
May 2022

Career Breakthrough Conference
Career Breakthrough by Femme Lead Podcast was the first career conference hosted in Denmark!
The event was a sounding success, with more than 120 people joining, a committed team, and a list of partners that made it all come together.
Career coaches, senior directors, and consultants joined us to share their advice with an engaged audience and inspire more women to pursue their dreams! 

If you want to see the full video presentation of the event, sign up on Femme Lead’s platform!
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