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Confidence, when nothing holds you back!

We look at someone and start wondering: How does that person have so much confidence?

We crave this belief that we also deserve something great. However, building this confidence always starts with our inner self.

It is not about a 10 step process, where you track your progress and restrict yourself. It starts with that powerful belief that you can actually achieve everything you set up for yourself.

In our interview with Yan Fan, we take the topic of confidence to a personal level, and here we are to give it forward with two key takeaways.

Our career is not defined by the first job or the education we embark on, despite popular opinion.

Finding that occupation that truly brings the joy and inner freedom we seek, craves difficult choices.

There is where confidence comes to play.

It might not be the best choice at first, as mistakes are sometimes so important in building our path.

We have to build that much-needed confidence to analyze what could have been done better and try again without fear.

Nothing should hold us back.

Our current background is a special tool for what comes next in our professional and personal life. Whether we want to switch from arts to tech or from engineering to marketing, we have to set aside the fear of not belonging and confidently use those valuable skills to pursue our next move.

As Yan beautifully mentioned in our talk, we don't allow our ideas to become a huge success if we don't try.

We don't give room to our confidence to grow.

Our path will never look the same as the one we compare/look up to. Let us embrace our uniqueness and confidently pursue our dreams.

You can listen to the interview with Yan Fan here.

See you next time!

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