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Marketing Communications: Planning your career. A dialogue with Anja Monrad, SVP at Dell

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

‘Life is too short for companies who are not supportive of a diverse & inclusive culture. If good talent disappears, companies will change. But you don’t have to waste your time while they figure it out. Try and change the environment, but if it doesn't work, pack up and go somewhere else. - Anja Monrad.

It's autumn 2020 and we converse with Anja Monrad, the woman that leads Dell Technologies in the Central & Eastern Europe region, covering 31 countries, from Israel to Poland. This interview focuses on marketing communications and Anja's journey from starting as a graduate in IT sales to becoming an executive, all through planning her career.

The interview starts with a surprising twist.

Q: Did you plan your career, Anja?
A: Yes, I did. I believe the more you have a clear path in your mind, the easiest it is for you to articulate what you want to do. Then you can articulate what help you need and then people can help you.

Listen to the full interview:

Having joined Dell as Marketing Director for the Nordic countries in 2000, Anja has since pursued an international career within Dell Marketing holding various regional and global roles. She has been in charge of Dell’s CEE business since 2013.

Anja is a member of the Danish IT association board and Chairman of the IT association’s Steering committee for Female IT Executives. In 2018 she has been appointed the chair of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition Governing Board at the European Union. She is an ardent promoter of female entrepreneurship and has been recognized among the top inspiring women in the Nordic tech scene.

Anja's journey is full a wisdom and in the 45 minutes of the interview, we follow her upbringing, the decisions she made to pursue a career in marketing, and how she built her career by creating one opportunity after another, finding sponsors within the company and taking on more responsibility when there was no one else to do the task.


“Ask for help: Go ask again and then go and ask somebody else. Ask for sponsorship. There is a difference between asking for mentoring and then asking for sponsorship in the organization. Go and ask for help from people who have influence.“

Check out the full interview on Youtube:

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